• March 31st at 4:09pm

    Fifty Shades Of Grey ...


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    I have for some time, been wondering what to write for my first blog, and after reading an article this morning and watching a video by an inspiration of mine, it has in turn inspired me to finally put together my first piece.

    And no I’m not doing a write up on the the Christian Grey novels, (although I can tell you I have read all three and that red room sounds wickedly enchanting) but I digress.  I’m talking about my fifty shades of grey, and the fifty shades of grey that every single one of you, that memories are important to, should be thinking about …

    When I was a little girl, my happy memories were of thumbing through my Gramp’s treasured photographs and curling up on Grannies knee asking her to tell me the story of the picture.

    Listening with love as she closed her eyes and took her time to relive every memory inside that 4x4 photograph, and as I watched that smile form upon her lips, she would sneak that secret look of love to my Gramp, and I would trace my finger across the faces and places of the image before me and lose myself in her memories.

    Years later, as she held onto the still so bright photograph of my Gramp, she closed her not so twinkly eyes and let the tears trickle, as she looked through that same box of photographs, holding so much more than I could comprehend, and years later still, all I have now of them both are some of those well worn, loved and cherished photographs.

    As a grown woman I walk past the photographs that hang on my Mom’s wall with pride, she scrimped and saved back then for them, and still they make me smile (or cringe) each time I walk past. And the tears are now my own, as I catch a quick glimpse of a childhood picture of “the grandchildren” in our last complete family photograph.

    For that one moment I am lost in time and can hear the noise and hubbub of big family “get together’s” feel the laughter that would roar through the rooms, and wince as I remember the dead legs and Chinese burn inflicted tradition from the boy cousins and the screeching of annoyance from the girl cousins.

    Through that one photograph, I have travelled back in time so many times, and for now at least, I can remember that day with the sweetest and fondest of memories.  Royston 15, was killed not long after that last photograph was taken, his sister Laura 20, died of cancer a few years after that, and my Gramp passed in between, my family never complete again after that photograph…

    That photograph was taken by my Gramp, whose skill in creating an image and appreciating a good professional print was as high as any pro back then.  And the professional print that was done, still hangs framed on the wall, still retains its detail, still retains it colour, still retains its clarity, still retains the groans of all the grandchildren as we sat, over 20 years ago, on those stairs saying “come on Gramp hurry up” and still retains my ever repeated tear and smile each time I cast my eyes across it. 

    And so to my point …

    My fifty shades of grey, are the shades of grey that make up a professional photograph. The shades of grey that should be hanging on our walls with picture chains. The shades of grey that capture memories that will last a lifetime. The shades of grey that will create art that will live longer than its author.  The shades of grey that will record and print your wedding photographs so that when you too are a granny, you can sit cuddled up with your grand daughter and relive the magical moments of lives gone past and imprint on her life anew.

    The shades of grey that if, in this digital age we just keep to a disc, that disc will, in time, quicker than you can possibly imagine, just like the video cassette and the old fashioned record, that disc, will become history, and shades of grey that will never see the light of day on grannies knee because there was never a professional print made to stand the test of time.

    So you see, my little bit of fifty is age, my little bit of fifty is time, my little bit of fifty is Royston and Laura sat on the stairs at my mom’s house, my little bit of fifty is … there are some things we should never loose sight of the value of …

    The value of a professional photographer, the absolute importance of a professional print, the education, that no matter what we can achieve on our phones or our mates can achieve on there wickedly expensive new camera that they don’t know how to use properly, there is nothing more important that the value of a professional photograph, be it a family portrait, wedding, model portfolio, commercial shoot or fine art photograph, it matters not.

    There is a place for snaps, I love them. There’s also a place for discs of images that pop up on our computer when it goes to sleep too. There’s a place for the thousand’s of images that we wouldn’t spend the money on getting professionally printed because the face looks funny or the light isn’t quite right, I have as many as you do.

    But then there’s that album, that extra special wedding album, that just by looking at it you know magic sits within its pages. The family portrait that you reminisce over as much today as you can in thirty years. The wow shot of the dress that you the designer are so proud of showing off to your clients that makes them want to buy it,  the portfolio of modelling images that you are so proud of and lets you hold your head high as you walk through the next casting call door.

    That image, that one single image that enriches the viewer with a sense of being lost in its moment, that’s the little bit of fifty that should be hanging in the Red Room … amongst other things of course …

    My name is Clare Louise and I am a Professional Photographer.